Michael Jackson

Since that sleezy Dr. Conrad Murray is on trial right now, I think it’s an appropriate time to talk about Michael Jackson and how much he influenced me as a dancer.  I’ll start by saying that I think Creepy Conrad (my nickname for the doctor) is definitely guilty of killing MJ, along with his father and all the soul suckers in the music business.

I’ve been an MJ fan since I was little. I have the “Jackson 5 Greatest Hits” on vinyl and the “Off the Wall” album that I won in a dance contest in 8th grade.

I always thought his downward spiral into the weirdo he became was really tragic and sad. He was a gifted little kid that was exploited and abused until he lost his mind. C’mon, we all know you can’t be normal and have surgeries on your nose until it practically disappears. What I also think is sad is that a lot of younger people only know of him as a weirdo, not the brilliant entertainer that he was during the “Thriller” period and before. His songs were so great and he changed dancing. His style and early MTV had an effect on dancers and choreographers everywhere. His moves were so tight, and of course the moonwalk just blew everyone’s mind. I remember when he did the moonwalk for the first time on the “25 Years of Motown” show, and the next day everyone in the courtyard at high school was trying to do it. I used to watch his videos as often as I could to learn his style. Of course, we didn’t have DVRs and YouTube back then, we had to wait until it came on. When the “Thriller” video came out, MTV played it every half hour. It was incredible and I knew the whole routine.

I cried when he died. I’ve only cried over two celebrity deaths; his and George Carlin’s. People like that change their art form and take it to a new level, and that’s something! My mom even cried when MJ died, she said she remembers seeing him as a cute little boy on the Ed Sullivan show.

So, I know some of you reading may have seen this clip because it was taped it shortly after MJ died. It’s how I really feel about him….

Unfortunately, I don’t have any old pictures of my “amazing” routine that I did to “Billie Jean,” and by amazing I mean embarrasing, but I did find this one of me covered in gold lame from head to toe…look at the cool hat and my un-pointed toes.

About Death To Hollywood

My name is Celeste Donohue and I am a writer/comedian who started this blog to tell stories about my life growing up in a funeral home and my adult life which I have spent in Hollywood, California – hence the name, “Death To Hollywood”. Hopefully, you like to read those kinds of stories. If not, go read something serious and boring.....
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4 Responses to Michael Jackson

  1. klpeach323 says:

    You said mj’s movies were ‘so tight’. now thats funny.

  2. Kris says:

    I agree, Cee. MJ really was an icon and changed the way of dance…..I loved the Thriller video too. I also cried when I was watching the news the day he died…….way too young.
    The gold suit is so cool in your routine….looking good:) Make it a great one!!!!!

  3. "the elder sisiter" says:

    Part of my youth was lost the day we lost MJ, what an icon for the 70’s, 80’s, and into the 90’s. Let’s all take a moment of silence………………..

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