Bad Food / Bad Uniform

 Good morning readers! Just so you know, you will be reading about every stinkin’ one of my waitressing jobs that I’ve had, and there have been a lot, and let’s get this straight; I hated waiting tables. I don’t have the personality to take shit from people and waitresses in LA take a lot of shit from people. In fact, waitresses everywhere take a lot of shit from people, so please tip generously if they’re nice. It’s a hard way to earn money in my opinion. I haven’t waited tables in years and that’s because what little tolerance I had back then, is gone. But each job was unique in its own way which is why I feel the need to tell you….

"Gladstones 4 mediocre fried crap"

So continuing on with my Hollywood waitressing career, I worked at a place called “Gladstones.” There is one in Malibu, right on the beach, but I worked at the one at Universal Citywalk. Citywalk is an outside type of mall that’s connected to Universal’s theme park and it’s a big tourist attraction. Stores, restaurants, movies, you know, the regular shit.

Gladstones was a seafood restaurant that attracted all kinds of annoying people and cheap tourists . They served giant portions of fried seafood and other mediocre crap, and I think the decor of the restaurant was supposed to resemble the inside of a big, dirty boat? I don’t know, but definitely not “fine dining.” And it was busy all the time! People would line up for this place and I have no idea why.

One of the worst things about this place was that they made us wear really cheesy uniforms. It included: white pants (EW!), a blue and white stripe long sleeve shirt (to represent a sailor?), white shoes and RED SUSPENDERS! The uniform was red, white and blue and ugly! How can you take someone serious who wears suspenders? Hi Larry King! Where’s your belt?

They also made us learn how to make shapes out of tinfoil for the customer’s leftovers. I only knew how to make a basket. Quick and easy. Some of the waiters would make birds, flowers and other elaborate crap. I always got stuck in the section outside, furthest away from the kitchen. We would have to carry huge trays piled with up to 8 plates on them. No busboys. The waiters did everything. It was back-breaking work. In fact, this was one of my most hated waitressing jobs, and I hated all of them. But, I lost some weight in the brief time I worked there and it was usually the opposite when I worked in a restaurant. In most restaurants, I spent more time in the kitchen eating than I did with my customers.

One time, I saw a waiter pick up a couple of plates of food from the kitchen and as he turned to head out the door, the fried seafood slid off the plate and on to the floor. It was so busy that night and to get a whole new plate would have taken too long, so he picked it up and kept going. In his defense, the coating on the fried food was so thick, I’m sure the dirt was virtually unnoticeable.

mmmmm....a plate of heart disease

I waited on Tyra Banks at this place but this was back when she was just a model and before her “have to cry on air” TV shows, “America’s Next Top Model” and “Tyra”.  She was quiet and serious, and let’s face it, a black girl who pretends to be from the ghetto can seem intimidating. If you’ve ever watched her talk show, she clearly is trying to be Oprah. Tyra, if you’re reading, you will never be Oprah. Oprah gave away cars and trips to Australia, what do you give away on your show? Watch here:  (and while your watching, ask yourself, “Would Oprah do this?”)

I also waited on Jamie Foxx before he got super famous. He was quiet too, which is how I prefer customers. Don’t say much and definitely don’t ask for too much. I should open the “Celeste’s School of Waitressing,” don’t you think? I’ll show them how it’s done.

I hope you feel bad for me that I had to wear that uniform. Are you wearing suspenders right now? Isn’t Tyra Banks a FREAK?!



About Death To Hollywood

My name is Celeste Donohue and I am a writer/comedian who started this blog to tell stories about my life growing up in a funeral home and my adult life which I have spent in Hollywood, California – hence the name, “Death To Hollywood”. Hopefully, you like to read those kinds of stories. If not, go read something serious and boring.....
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11 Responses to Bad Food / Bad Uniform

  1. klpeach323 says:

    bahaha..tyra banks is a definitely a few fries short of a happy meal.

  2. Josephine says:

    To me the only good thing about waiting tables is if you work in a place that gets you ginormous tips. Otherwise, I often wonder why more people don’t get more food thrown in their faces or at least “accidentally” in their laps.

    Oh. lord, Cee, you make me laugh. I don’t know if all this stuff was funny to you when it happened but the re-telling is hysterical!

  3. barskii says:

    Wow!, I am glad, I don’t know much about Hollywood.. I honestly know I am not missing a thing !!

    For some make believe Oprah girl with suken eyes to be rolling around on the floor screaming
    “I just gave you glitter covered Vaseline worth a hundred dollars” and all the little white girls are jumping up & down screaming like they are happy, with 75 cents worth of Vaseline???

    What kind of game Show was it????

    Did that crazy woman just overdose on Vaseline – and break out of the ” 1978 Break dance Street Team from New York” ??

    I hope the Looney bin checks their Inventory soon…

    Is She is some body important ????

    Did she get fired that day???

  4. mdonohue says:

    That was a nice plug for waitresses around the world.Glad you moved on,to bigger and better things.Love,Mom

  5. The elder sister says:

    Was Tyra serious or was she making fun of Oprah????? It reminded me of the SNL skit about Oprah’s give away shows! Lord have mercy!!!

    And make sure to tip your waitress and waiters generously!

  6. Kris says:

    Ha ha ha…. I remember you working there and that nasty, funny uniform…. Loved the pants and suspenders!!!! You were working one night when john and i came in to see you and we were sitting outside and you were so in the weeds, sweating and pissed off:) funny now…. Not then, well for us it was:) long live Tyra!

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