The Tasty Balls Contest – Day 2

Good morning readers!

Thank you for all the ideas. I love them.  Here is what we have so far (in no particular order, just a summary of ideas)

Death To Hollywood: The Candy

Peanut Butter Bits

Peanut Butter Bites

All Natural Brown Balls

Gourmet PB Balls

Mom’s Recipe

Celestials – Just Heavenly

Celestial Teasers

PB Heaven

Heavenly Morsels

Death by Candy

Candy to Die For

Death by John’s Famous Peanut Butter Balls

Celestial Candy – Ballicious

PB Melties

PB Chewies

PB Crunchies

All of your suggestions made me think of  “Death by Balls” but that really conjures up an unpleasant and not so tasty image.

What most of you have agreed on is “Celestial Candy” as a “company name” and then different names for different types of candy. Feel free to add more ideas and you know me, the sillier the better :D.

I have to go dig up something to eat now. I can’t just have candy for breakfast….well, I could. I’m an adult, I can eat whatever I want. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten for breakfast?


About Death To Hollywood

My name is Celeste Donohue and I am a writer/comedian who started this blog to tell stories about my life growing up in a funeral home and my adult life which I have spent in Hollywood, California – hence the name, “Death To Hollywood”. Hopefully, you like to read those kinds of stories. If not, go read something serious and boring.....
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36 Responses to The Tasty Balls Contest – Day 2

  1. Barskii says:

    Truthfully, in the 70’s used to have Hot Chillie & Cold Beer.
    Break-fast just means time to break the fast from yesterday,
    so it really doesn’t matter what you eat, feel free to put what ever that is not programed by the TV or how you grew up to control what & when you want Pizza or Eggs.

    This is the: “Planet of Choices & Truths”

    • well, you learn something new everyday! Didn’t know that about breakfast. When I was young, I could eat anything weird, now…well, I usually have a “normal” breakfast item. But what is normal anyway anymore??? But booze for breakfast? Now that I’ve had 😀

  2. mary donohue says:

    I like Death to Hollywood,TheCandy,best so far.It ties it all together,I think,and you could sell it from your blog site,maybe.I think it is great,that so many people are enjoying it,as much as I am.Love,Mom

  3. Josephine says:

    Honestly, I think I have another name. If you go for “Celestial Candy” as the name of your company, then how about PB Clouds for this candy? If you add more candies, you can go off in all directions with anything to do with the heavens or the sky from stars to lightening to rainbows, etc.

    Just think. This could be the beginning of a candy dynasty.

    Weirdest thing for breakfast? Well, I actually do not care for most breakfast foods so I often have more lunch type stuff. I do remember when David and I were driving across the country we were having omelets and whatnot for breakfast and I got so tired of it I said, “How about a pastrami sandwich for breakfast instead?”

    • I love this too…someone else suggested an astrological angle. Under celestial candies could be scorpio candy, Aquarious candy, etc….I like the clouds/stars/rainbows idea. The rainbows good be the gay candy 😀

  4. Kal says:

    Some people feel that eating kippers for breakfast is somewhat odd, although it is in fact thoroughly awesome and entirely not weird at all.

    Now, if you were offering kippered peanut butter candy … *that* would be weird.

  5. Beth says:

    I like dinner for breakfast, but not breakfast for dinner. I had a hamburger for breakfast this morning.
    So, there is Celestial Seasonings already, all natural tea. Maybe it’s too much of an association to name your business that? Maybe not. Don’t mean to be a TIAPB. I like Death to Hollywood: The Candy. Or Celeste’s Best Candy.

    • I don’t like breakfast for dinner either, although when I’m desperate sometimes I’ll have cereal. A hamburger for breakfast? only when I’m hungover 😀 I like Death to Hollywood: the Candy too. oh Christ! what should I do 😛

  6. Kal says:

    Salted, smoked herring to be exact. Kippers and toast is a very, very British sort of breakfast — if you weren’t brought up with it, you may have a little difficulty fully appreciating its awesomeness.

  7. The elder sister says:

    The skulls might make people think of poison, Mr. Yuk face campaign comes to mind. I like “Funeral Home sweets” if you’re looking for a name! Definitely a name for a company in a niche market (people who watch the show Oddities, Goths, disenfranchised folks). Or for the general market “Celestial Sweets and Confections”. Each candy could bear it’s own name… And then there are all the names for the spicey cinnamon candies too……..

    Celestial Sweets and Confections……………has a ring to it I think!

  8. The elder sister says:

    Oh wait, was I supposed to be just naming the balls? I can come up with one for that! ” Death by Allergen balls!”

  9. The elder sister says:

    Or ” Lick my balls” but I think only guys might buy them for their girlfriends or bosses they hate……

  10. The elder sister says:

    “suck my balls” is angrier…..

  11. Barskii says:


    That is not who YOU are, that is just a name – you want to – enchant an audiance to purchase from you, of the product that you desire to sell –

    STOP ALL of The bullshit AND GET DOWN TO serious BUSINESS or just decide to give it ALL UP as a Joke.

    Business is Business, it is a real function and total comitment to yourself.

    No one else is your business – only YOU are YOUR BUSINESS.


    to be in control of your Decisions in NOT to be confused of What Your Dreams & Desiers Are.

    Take Hold and do not RUSh through this decision as a Joke or YOU will Loose Millions.

    Give away a Watch or ten Watches – Never give Away Your Dreams in a Moment.

    You Have a Product that is a DREAM, and it also makes You & your entire Family happy???


    ~ Do not waste this CHANCE of a DREAM coming TRUE ~


    I HONOR you as my friend –
    I say, give a Watch away and recalibrate Yourself……

    for the desire of Your SUCCESS and of only a small part of Your DREAMS
    I was Totally Serious when I stated the inner Millioinaire of You is wanting to Shine and be Seen by Millions – but not by ridicue of disfraction of what you truley dream or Desire.


    “Been there – – – done that – – – won that “T” shirt.




    ~ Blake ~

    • Thanks Blake! I see your point and I agree. I’m not sure I can meet the self imposed deadline of Friday anyway because I’ve gotten a lot of good ideas over the last few days and you’re right, this isn’t something to be rushed through. I gave some candy to two more people last night and they not only believe I can sell it, but to big retailers. I have to think BIG! Thank you for your thoughts, words and always your support 😀

  12. Paul Kenney says:

    I propose naming your peanut butter treats – Dingleberries. nothing describes brown-round treats better. The weirdest thing I ever ate for breakfast was a grilled Octopus arm/leg and seaweed at a roadside stand in Korea. The Octopus appendage actually had a stick running through it – like a popsicle. It still had suction cups. It was delicious.

    • Dingleberries? Perfect name. Octopus at a roadside stand in Korea? not only disgusting, it’s just plain wrong 😀

      • Paul Kenney says:

        Dingleberries – you remember, what people leave in their underwear after a long hike. but it has a cute ring to it. Perhaps “Celeste’s Dingleberries”. Which, in a way, personalizes it in a way people can relate to. We’ve all had Dingleberries, now we can eat them.

      • Do you REALLY think people will want to eat my dingleberries?? Sure, it’s a cute name but not for something you eat 😀

  13. Kris says:

    Wow…..lot of talk around the peanut butter balls with a crunch! They are delicious…..Hmmm ….Death by candy…i like that one.

  14. Shelly Simmons says:

    Wait!!! What about Celestial Morsels?! Or Sinful PB Balls?! You can go either way with the packaging. Angels getting full & round or little devils eating it up.

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