Happy Labor Day Weekend!

YES! It’s Friday and the beginning of a long weekend, so everyone should be in a good mood. I know I am :D. I have been really busy this week making and shipping candy so I apologize for not having a story for you, but I will next week. In the meantime, I have a really fun weekend planned which is sure to include a lot booze, drugs, hookers, music  and maybe a little silly putty…but not necessarily in that order. Anyway, I’m just excited to relax. Yeah, that’s how I relax, don’t judge.

Did anyone watch the Republican National Convention last night? Let me start by saying that I’m not on either side anymore. I’m disgusted by everyone in politics and I’m disgusted with all the lies and never knowing what to really believe. But do the Republicans always have to bring god and family into every freakin’ thing? You know, god and family aren’t for everyone. They have this way of making it seem as though if you don’t believe in god and family, you’re not even worth acknowledging. Quite frankly, most people shouldn’t even be starting their own families anyway. What’s the divorce rate again? Oh, yes, I believe it’s over 50%, so this whole “family” thing isn’t really working out anyway, so why value it so much? It’s not even a solid institution for most of the people that do it. And anyone that relies on religion that much, just frightens me.

But you know my favorite quote so far from the Republican side was from genius Todd Akin, “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down”.   Here’s a picture to illustrate:

It’s so dumb, it’s funny.

Anyway, I hope all of you have an excellent, fun-filled weekend!  Enjoy the fruits of your labor, whatever those fruits are 😛

About Death To Hollywood

My name is Celeste Donohue and I am a writer/comedian who started this blog to tell stories about my life growing up in a funeral home and my adult life which I have spent in Hollywood, California – hence the name, “Death To Hollywood”. Hopefully, you like to read those kinds of stories. If not, go read something serious and boring.....
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8 Responses to Happy Labor Day Weekend!

  1. mary donohue says:

    you don’t want to get into a political discussion,do you?Did you know that the family is the basic unit of any society.When the family unit breaks down,the fabric of a society starts to shred.Just look around.Love,Mom

    • No, we will not get into a political discussion because they’re stupid. And if the family unit is the basic unit of society, then we’re in really big trouble. Maybe if the family breaking down, breaks down society, people should stop having families.

  2. Lacy says:

    Ha ha, Celeste!! You are too funny. You know we disagree on almost every point, but it doesn’t matter, cause I love you SO much!! Friends, family, it’s all the same–just good people. Have a fabulous weekend. Since I just celebrated 13 years sober how about I share in all but the booze, and oh, maybe not the drugs or the silly putty. Hmmmm, maybe no hookers??? How about I just watch an NCIS repeat with some frozen yogurt. Yes, that’s it. Let’s just enjoy it. Have a super wonderful day. Lacy

  3. Lacy, our not agreeing on those topics means nothing because I love you too…as I do my mom who I also disagree with 🙂 And congratulations on 13 years sober!!! That’s really really great! Can’t wait to see you soon. xo

  4. Josephine says:

    Okay, so now that I have stopped hiccuping from this, especially that diagram, I have to say that I sort of agree with you about the political scene and the parties but I still have to stay away from the party whose delegates threw peanuts at a black reporter saying, “This is how we feed the animals.”

    Have a great Labor Day weekend! I think I will indulge a little myself to celebrate!

  5. Kris says:

    Hahaha….visited mom to enjoy the fruits of my labor, because mom is retired:) Booze was a part of the visit, of course…..i had to hold mom back from the hookers and silly putty but we both managed to have a good time!

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