It’s Friday, Let’s Party!

This is so much better than TGIF, don’t you think? Sorry I haven’t written a story for you this week but I had a comedy show to prepare for and I’m fulfilling some candy orders along with my yawn-inducing day job, so I’ve been a little busy. That’s where cloning could really come in handy, but I’d settle for a 1950’s housewife, so that I could come home to a nice dinner, a huge martini, clean, folded laundry…and SHE could make the candy.



As a feminist, I shouldn’t find this funny, but I do….


The life I really want….




I hope your Friday is fabulous and your weekend is even better!



About Death To Hollywood

I am a writer/comedian that was kind of pressured into doing a blog. I didn't really know much about blogs which is why I resisted. But now that I have one, I still don't know much about them. I like to tell funny stories that are true. Hopefully, you like to read those kinds of stories. If not, go read something serious and boring.....
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2 Responses to It’s Friday, Let’s Party!

  1. Edith Perkins says:

    Dear c, I am wondering if you will get this e- mail? I am very new at this. I love what I can see from death to Hollywood but I better make sure you receive this, love from, Dodie. A friend of your fabulous mom!!!!!!!

    Sent from my iPad

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