What Would Dr. Phil Say?

Good morning readers!

I’m a little bugged by something I saw yesterday morning. My neighbors, whose door is about five feet away from mine, consist of a father, mother and son, who is about eight or nine years old. I was taking my trash out and heard the mother screaming in Spanish at the kid. Unfortunately, I don’t know Spanish so I couldn’t understand what the broad was screaming about. As I came up the stairs, the kid came out of the door and was crying, and then I saw the mother kick him in the leg. Not hard, but still! Once she saw me, she knew I had seen it and I made a shocked and disgusted face, because I was, but didn’t look directly at her. I couldn’t! I was horrified. What do you say in that situation? I just went into my apartment and thought about how much I wanted to hit her. I’ve also heard her slap him before and she’s always yelling at him in some Spanish gibberish. Is that abusive? I don’t think Dr. Phil would like that, and I don’t either.  dr. phil

I don’t understand parents who hit their kids. I understand wanting to hit them, but not actually doing it. I want to kill people, but I don’t do it because ultimately I could end up in a place I don’t want to be…like prison. So parents might want to remember that  hitting your kid could make you end up in a place you don’t want to be, like a nursing home.

Not to mention all the recent studies that show that hitting kids has a really negative effect on them.


I get that kids are annoying and can try you like no one else, except maybe people who drive in LA, and I also taught kids for five years, ages three to teenagers, so I get it, especially when they hit that “ugly” phase. You know, that phase that starts around nine years old and lasts until senior year in high school. But no matter how ugly they are, you shouldn’t hit them. It’s just bullying and a lack of self-control, and if you can’t keep yourself from hitting a kid, then you probably shouldn’t have kids. Yeah, I know the parents that think it’s okay to hit kids would say “You don’t know what you’re talking about, you don’t have kids.” That’s right, I don’t…because last I heard, you’re more likely to hit someone when you’re drunk.

And I’m not talking about teenagers because I’d beat the crap out of a teenager, even if it wasn’t mine. When I was 17, my mom and I got into a slap fight and my brother had to break it up. I probably deserved it with that wise-ass mouth I had, and we laugh about about it now, but teenagers are a whole other story.

If your kids are bad, chances are, it’s YOUR fault anyway. Kids don’t just slide out of their mother’s vagina as bad people, they become that way through learned or unlearned behavior. For example, if you allow your toddler to just pee anywhere outside (as I saw my neighbor do), he might just grow up thinking that peeing outside is normal, which it is if you’re at an outdoor keg party, but normally we prefer toilets, don’t we?? Don’t we?? kegIt’s similar to a mean dog. A mean dog doesn’t just become mean on its own, have you ever met a mean puppy? No, it’s because people make them that way and parents make kids into what they become. So if you hit your kids or don’t teach them manners, it’s your fault if they grow up to be an asshole.

Would it be wrong if I knocked on my neighbor’s door and when she answers, just kick her in the leg?  How should I act when I see her now? I can’t say hello to her anymore because she sickens me. Should I just give her dirty looks like I do to people in traffic who don’t know how to drive?  In fact, yesterday on my way home from work, traffic was bad as usual and I always let people in because I’m a  polite driver, but all I ask is that you give me a little grateful acknowledgement, such a small wave, to express your thanks for me not being an asshole who purposely doesn’t let you in.  So I waved at this broad to go ahead of me, and guess what? She didn’t wave and thank me, and it pissed me off so much, that when I got the chance to pull up next to her, I put the window down and explained to her why she is such a rude whore, and yes, I used those exact words. Her parents are probably rude assholes too, unless she was raised by monkeys, which is possible, because monkeys don’t know how to say thank you. monkey

Anyway, where was I? All I’m saying is that everyone should get therapy before having kids. Yeah, I know that’s not gonna happen, but I can dream can’t I? Just like my other dream is to have polite, smart drivers on the road, but that would require me to move somewhere that has no people.

And it’s raining today in Los Angeles, which makes drivers freak out but hopefully all the rude whores will stay at home today.

On that note, don’t kick your kids and when someone lets you into traffic, give them a little wave. traffic

Have a beautiful day!

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My name is Celeste Donohue and I am a writer/comedian who started this blog to tell stories about my life growing up in a funeral home and my adult life which I have spent in Hollywood, California – hence the name, “Death To Hollywood”. Hopefully, you like to read those kinds of stories. If not, go read something serious and boring.....
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8 Responses to What Would Dr. Phil Say?

  1. mary donohue says:

    I agree with everything you just ranted.There is nothing wrong with anger.It can be a force for change.But,when it is taken out on children,or anything,it no longer is a force for good.Look at the violenve onT.V.,and in the movies,is that normal?Why are so many people angry and unable to control themselves? Kindness always makes us feel better about ourselves,and anger does not,when we take it out on someone else.Love,Mom

    • I agree about the violence in TV and movies. I don’t know what the hell is wrong with everyone and if I ever see something like that again, I will say something directly to her. People make me sick!!!

  2. the Elder Sister says:

    Hi Cee! I agree with you, no hitting, ever! I know that feeling when they roll their eyes or back talk one too many times, but I am an adult. Adults are bigger, stronger, and should know better. If she hit another adult it would be assault and she could go to jail. You might want to confront the mom and let her know you saw that behavior yesterday and you’ve heard her slap him before. Tell her, let her know that someone is watching, just make sure you tell her when Peach is there, or you can place an anonymous call to children’s services to investigate ( that might be better). That little kid needs someone to step up for him. God only knows what goes on behind those closed doors. You have a moral obligation to do something since you witnessed it. Good luck! Love you!

    • There’s no point in talking to her, her English sucks. But I will be keeping my eyes and ears open from now on and next time, I wont’ hesitate to say something to her. She’s an uncivilized, disgusting foreigner.

  3. Suzie D. says:

    Since you can never talk to her again anyway, you may as well call DHS and report the bitch. If they investigate and he has any bruises, she is screwed.
    Your friendly neighborhood social worker.

  4. Kris says:

    I would learn the words “I saw you kick your child” in spanish and let her know you know….who knows what is happening to that little child when no one is around!!! Calling DHS…..not a bad idea.

    Wise ass mouth you HAD? hahaha!! Slide out of a mother’s vagina….hahaha!!!!!!

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