Oscar Contest Giveaway – Day 3

Good morning players! So far it looks like “Best Director” is a toss up. We have a few votes for Spielberg, a few for David O’Russell and one for Ang Lee, so I guess those other two can forget it. In the “Best Actress” category, we have a few for Jessica Chastain, a few for Jennifer Lawrence and one for Quvenzhané Wallis from Beats of the Southern Wild, and I’ll have to wait until Sunday to hear how to pronounce her name. Meanwhile, I guess Naomi Watts and the French lady can just stay home if they want. 😀

Also, one of the contestants, Kal, was the first one to guess the answer to question 2 from yesterday’s blog.

2. What do actress Jessica Chastain, a former Oscar winner for Best Actress, and a Stephen King character have in common?

The answer is that former Oscar winner, Kathy Bates played Annie Wilkes who loved the book character “Misery” in the movie, “Misery” and Misery’s last name in the book was Chastain, just like Jessica Chastain, a current nominee for Best Actress, get it? Go Kal!


Today’s category is for “Best Actor” and I probably shouldn’t even bother asking who your prediction is for the winner because we already know Daniel Day Lewis is going to win. I saw Lincoln and he was excellent as always. The others don’t stand a chance and they know it, we all know it. I saw Bradley Cooper in Silver Linings Playbook and Denzel Washington in Flight, and they were both good but just not good enough. Sorry guys, maybe next time. I didn’t see Hugh Jackman in Les Miserable because I fell asleep during the stage play, so I figured why go see a movie in a theater based on a stage play that put me to sleep when I can rent it on DVD and fall asleep in my bed? And Joaquin Phoenix is nominated for The Master. Did anyone even see that movie?







1. Who is your Oscar prediction for Best Actor? 

(Bradley Cooper – Silver Linings Playbook, Daniel Day-Lewis – Lincoln, Hugh Jackman –Les Misérables, Denzel Washington –Flight, Joaquin Phoenix -The Master)










2. Hugh Jackman’s wife said the gay rumors about him bother her. If you saw Hugh Jackman making out with a guy in an alley, would you encourage him to come out of the closet, or would you tell him to join Scientology?  

Hey guys, want to shake my maracas?

Want to shake my rainbow maracas with me?

Bonus question (because we all know the answer to question #1 ):

3. Parts of Silver Lining Playbook were shot in the neighborhood I grew up in, including the LLanerch Diner where Jennifer Lawrence freaks out on Bradley Cooper, and where I’ve eaten with my drunk friends. What is it about diners that drunk people love so much?                              


is it the fries?

Contest Rules:

Each day there will be two Oscar-related questions. Post your answers in the comment section. Each comment is an entry into the giveaway. At the end of the week a winner will be chosen at random. The contest will conclude on Saturday 2/23. You get extra entries for posting Death to Hollywood on Facebook or Twitter, and “liking” the Death to Hollywood page on Facebook.

1. You have to be at least 18 years old to enter (that’s for legal reasons)

2. You have to live in the United States because I don’t ship internationally, sorry.

3. You have to answer two Oscar related questions as a comment on the blog.

4. It doesn’t matter if you’ve seen any of the nominated movies.

5. No purchase necessary (not that there’s anything to buy… legally I have to say it)

Comment to win and have a winning day!!


About Death To Hollywood

My name is Celeste Donohue and I am a writer/comedian who started this blog to tell stories about my life growing up in a funeral home and my adult life which I have spent in Hollywood, California – hence the name, “Death To Hollywood”. Hopefully, you like to read those kinds of stories. If not, go read something serious and boring.....
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20 Responses to Oscar Contest Giveaway – Day 3

  1. Josephine says:

    How annoying! My email reset something and I missed days one and two! Not that I am a movie expert by any means but still. . .

    Anyway, that guy for Lincoln, yes. Anyone who is gay should come out of the closet because I think Scientology is far, far worse even than people flogging you because you are gay.

    Lastly, who doesn’t like diners!?!? Isn’t that why places like Denny’s look the way they do, so they can resemble diners? Those rotating things with the towering, inedible cakes, the specials of the day, those waitresses that call everyone Hon,’ what’s not to like drunk or sober?

    Let’s face it-the only thing better than a diner is the automat!

    • Thank god you’re back !! yeah, scientology only hides the gays and I would encourage him too to jump out of the closet and scare all the straight women that love him. The waitresses that call everyone “hon”…soooo true!! I love it and the twirling cakes!!

  2. Kal says:

    1. Is it just me, or does the Lincoln of Daniel Day Lewis look a little like Peter Falk with a goofy beard?

    Anyone who can make you believe he’s Lincoln despite this visual handicap *deserves* an award.

    2. In an alley? I would assume it wasn’t Hugh Jackman. The guy’s surely got enough money, sense and class to get a room…

    3. Because it’s three AM, and these people will serve you any kind of food you want. A full breakfast? 48 cups of coffee? Sausages covered in maple syrup and hot peppers? Comin’ right up, sweetheart!

  3. klpeach323 says:

    1. DDL b/c he the best actor on planet earth.

    2. If I saw HJ making out with another guy, I’d snap a photo then blackmail him for millions.

    3. drunk munchies are unavoidable.

  4. AnnaZed says:

    Danial Day Lewis of course, and that is as it should be. In another year Hugh Jackman, who is after all a real Broadway star acting in a movie of a Broadway musical; ergo rather good in it. The Anne Hathaway thing is the thing that gives me the pip. Yes, she’s ok at the caterwauling bits but she will (like Natalie Portman before her) get an Oscar for making herself thin for a role and that is just wrong.

    Diners, well it isn’t really diners per se but any establishment serving food after 2am to drunk people. I’m from New Orleans, so I know this.

  5. Mary says:

    1. Daniel Day-Lewis – Lincoln With a last name like Lewis how can he not win!
    2. come out of the closet
    3. Nothing like breakfast when you are drunk!

  6. Kris says:

    1. Daniel Day was great, so was Hugh Jackman…..even in a make out session in an alley with another man:)
    2. Come out, come out wherever you are……..
    3. Diners are loud too……so the drunks can be loud and not feel weird and the breakfast at all hours of the night, so great.

  7. George Monkey says:

    1) Daniel Day-Lewis. Although I have never liked him. See, one day years ago I heard that he had dumped a girlfriend by fax machine. Not only is that profoundly insensitive — but it’s now somewhat archaic. When I heard that, I thought he should encounter “my left foot.”

    2) I would hope I had my camera with me. And an editorial contact at the Star. Papa … Papa … Paparazzi! And it would be double points if the guy he was kissing was Manti Te’o or South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham.

    3) Well, we have to go back to the 1980 classic “Diner.” I always loved and took as great life advice, what Mickey Rourke says at a diner in that film — “If you ain’t got dreams, you got nightmares.” Diners are great places to dream … especially my favorite, “Ye Olde College Diner” in State College, PA.

    • Interesting. I wouldn’t have thought of DDL as a faxing breaker-upper, not cool if that’s true. Maybe he does it by text now 😀
      Yep, papapapapapapapparazzzziiiii
      LOVE the movie Diner! And Mickey Rourke was still hot then.

  8. Theresa says:

    Hugh. Sigh.

  9. Nicole Vosburgh says:

    1. Hands down, Bradley Cooper in Silver Linings Playbook. What a stud!

    2. I’d say he’s way too good looking for the guys to have him!! Hide those inner feelings and stay on the women’s side!

    3. The hometown familiarity, friendly atmosphere, and well known drinks.

  10. Y says:

    1. Hugh Jackman just to see him swagger on stage.
    2. Neither. Would ask if they’d accept a third for their party.
    3. Much more comfy to be drunk in a diner than in a bar, Hon.

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