The Victims of Charlottesville – those poor white men (with small penises)!

Now that we’ve reached a new level of horror since Trump took office, I decided to write my observations. I’ve been reading and watching a lot about the Charlottesville incidents and this is what I’ve concluded:Image result for charlottesville

These “white nationalists”, “neo-nazis”, “kkk”, however and whatever we want to identify them as is one thing, but how and what we should truly identify them as is “very insecure white men” (and some very dumb white women).  Watching some of these “men” on video (like the one shown crying here) just screams fear and insecurity. They so deeply believe that they are threatened that it’s almost laughable, except for that fact that they’re violent, and that’s not laughable. But fighting violence with violence is not the answer.

Having dated a slew of insecure men, I can tell you this; the more insecure they are, the tougher they act (Hello Trump!). Men that are actually tough don’t have to show it.  Watching these men marching down the street with that wacked-out look in their eyes (which is fear) and their chests all puffed out just tells you how scared they are of what deep down is at their core – inferiority.  The kind of men that freak out if a white woman dates a black man because they’re so scared that the black man’s penis is bigger. Not kidding, this is real. The kind of men that would freak out just because I said that. ( I would put money on the fact that none of those guys are above 4 inches).  They are ignorant people that are afraid of the truth and cling to their beliefs out of insecurity. And they are threatened by everyone they try to oppress; Black people, Jews, immigrants and women.

The question I am curious about is what are they so threatened by? White men are at the top of the food chain, what could possibly be so threatening to them? It’s ridiculous. That’s why they are so weak! As they chanted “Jews will not replace us”, all I could think was, what the hell are they talking about? Are Jews on some secret mission to replace a bunch of ignorant Wasps at their jobs at the hot dog restaurant?  Let them be a minority or a woman for a month and they’d probably kill themselves. White men in America are the most privileged people world-wide…YOU BUNCH OF CRY BABIES! Instead of torches they should carry rattles and put pacifiers in their dirty mouths.

Please note – I do not mean all white men. There are so many good ones – I know that and you know that (and some of them have big penises). 

I’m talking about the ones that “follow the leader” and by leader I mean people like Trump and Hitler. Both of them are and were extremely insecure, ego-driven idiots, so you can only surmise that their followers are insecure, ego-driven idiots too. Look no further than the pictures of Charlottesville – it’s in their eyes.

I mean, to think that this all started over a statue?? Get a grip losers! And by the way, here’s what Robert E. Lee thought of statues: Here

If I had it my way, we would just ignore them completely. Let them march and cry and everyone just acts like they aren’t even there. That would be fun to watch them get pissed that no one took them seriously. Of course, we can’t because they have guns and truly want to be violent – one more reason for stricter gun laws, but that’s a whole other topic. So, since we can’t just ignore them, we have to beat them. How do we beat them? By speaking up against it and by spreading love and unity everywhere we can. We can’t allow this to continue. The US has become a laughing stock around the world because of Trump and his followers. I’m heading to Europe next month and have every intention of saying I’m Canadian and to really sell it, I’ll be saying “sorry” and “about” like “sorey” and “aboat”.  Then they’ll never know :). I’m just too ashamed right now to say I’m an American.

And I’m not about to go off on a Trump rant because that is and has been totally covered by so many other people, which I appreciate, but I do want to address that if you are not a millionaire and you voted for him and really believed he was looking out for anyone other than his fellow top 1% -ers, you need to read some more. You need more education and you need to turn off Fox News.

So in summary – we need to see them for what they really are – insecure, weak people. Once you see someone’s weakness, they are exposed. Look at them objectively and suddenly you can see them for the joke that they are (like Trump). We shouldn’t fear them, we just need to overcome them. And white people need to know that we have no ownership in this country, and if you think we do, read the book “White Trash” by Nancy Isenberg – you might just see yourself in it.

Or just read something….anything! (except for Mein Kampf – I think we got it).

Have a great day. ONE LOVE!


About Death To Hollywood

My name is Celeste Donohue and I am a writer/comedian who started this blog to tell stories about my life growing up in a funeral home and my adult life which I have spent in Hollywood, California – hence the name, “Death To Hollywood”. Hopefully, you like to read those kinds of stories. If not, go read something serious and boring.....
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1 Response to The Victims of Charlottesville – those poor white men (with small penises)!

  1. Meg says:

    Well said, Celeste! Safe travels.

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