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Insider Facts About Hollywood

Hello, anyone who reads anymore…. If you’ve ever wondered what Hollywood is like but haven’t gotten the chance to visit, look no further. I had a friend in town visiting me and decided to make a video of the sights … Continue reading

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10 Reasons Oprah Should Run for President!

Hello Readers… After Oprah’s inspirational speech at the Golden Globes, I made a video offering up 10 reasons why I think she would be a good presidential candidate. There’s a lot I didn’t cover because I was trying to record … Continue reading

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Hello Everyone! Merry Christmas and Feliz Navidad!  I hope everyone is having a beautiful holiday season.  Last night was my annual Christmas Eve party and when you get friends together and start drinking with a video in mind,  this is … Continue reading

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Tips To Avoid Theft (during the Holidays)

Hello Everyone, I hope you’re having a wonderful and wildly festive holiday season. As a public service, I made a video (including a guest) with tips on how to avoid theft during the holidays since it’s very common this time … Continue reading

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The Alabama Election Results

Hello everyone, Did I tell you I would be putting my videos out on Thursday? Well, I am. At least that is the plan for now. So since it’s Thursday, you can watch my video HERE.  Betty Jo, an Alabama resident … Continue reading

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Black Friday Shopping

I just got finished watching a video compilation of people fist fighting and trampling each other at various stores today while taking advantage of the Black Friday deals. I see that as a good opportunity to let all those crazy … Continue reading

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Gone But Not Forgotten…

I mentioned before that I moved to LA with my sister, my brother and a friend. That friend was Pat Lewis. We knew each other from grade school and the neighborhood, but started hanging out together when we were about … Continue reading

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Is It Really Good Luck?

The other day I passed by the building where Capezio used to be in Hollywood, I also worked there for a couple of years. I can’t imagine anyone not knowing what Capezio is, but just in case, it’s a big … Continue reading

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The Hollywood Cats

I already posted about the crazy dogs we had when we were living in the funeral home, and we never had a cat growing up. In fact, I was never a big fan of cats because they always seemed unpredictable … Continue reading

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Bike Karma

Someone stole my bike from the train station on Friday which prompted me to write this blog and also brought back some memories of me and my bikes over the years. The bike that got stolen was a really nice, … Continue reading

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